Digital Application

Digital Application

Welcome To The XR Word

XR apps  

Nowadays, everything is digitalized and everything is evolving.  XR technologies have applications in almost every industry, such as architecture, automotive industry, sports training, real estate, mental health, medicine, health care, retail, space travel, design, engineering, interior design, television and film, media, advertising, marketing, libraries, education, news, music, and travel. Thanks to our cross reality apps, in both Android and iOS devices, we can make your reality as well as virtual a better place. 

Augmented reality (AR)

Stay on the ball! Stay current!


 We work with the latest technologies to give you a better experience.  So if you need to revive the history, make the reality funnier or explore the future, order our augmented reality solutions.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Be creative, but keep it simple!


To produce new environments and visualizations, to create a creative world with a latest vision or to build realistic digital elements, we offer you our mixed reality solutions where virtual and real worlds are merged.

AR Examples

Magic Eye Application


Project: From a static museum of illusions to a dynamic one

  •  Reuse paintings to give different experiences
  •   Take and share animated pictures and videos.
  • Enjoy a world full of beauty, colors and wonders.
  • Dreams and imagination come to live.

Hotello Poject


  • Communication channel between hotel and guests.
  • Facilitates the work of the receptionist.
  • Keep customers up to date.
  • Real time.
  • Features : booking, registration, ranking, help desk reviews and visitor comments .

Educate Me


Project: Make education funnier and enhance books

  • Build positive link between education and technology.
  • Attract students and make them more motivated.
  • Create new pedagogy based on technologies.



Project:  Customize the car hubcaps

  • Put customers at the center of design
  • Realistic view of a virtual product


Showing different customization possibilities to you clients becomes a very attractive experience and easier to your commercial agent. 

Demonstrating that your are in advance in front of your competitors, even in show&tell technologies give you a real advantage to go into the market with a new product or to reinforce your position as a market leader.