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With an experience of more than 7 years in the aerospace industry, 3D wave offers a wide range of services for the industry. Ranging from 3D scanning, dimensional control to 3D printing of prototypes and small series. 3D wave also offers for industrial customized augmented reality applications.


3D wave is developing, side by side with specialized doctors,a series of 3D printed orthesis. Our medical products are in an advanced phase of tests and we hope that in a short period of time they will be available for a large portion of patients who are in need to this kind of innovative products.

Industrial Pack


From an idea to a working part there is a long path of design, analysis, tests till manufacturing. We at 3D wave provide our services to be your partner in this journey, powered by our experience and ambition we are fully confident that we can finish any of these tasks.

Cultural Pack


A 3D digital solution ensuring construction of digital museums and design of handicrafts. With 3D scanning, it’s the fastest way for current 3D recontruction in best materials and finishes, from plastics to metals.
Throught 3D Printed Artefacts for restoration, it can help the visitors to touch the piece of art restorated, to feel it and to appreciate the historical background.





There is no doubt that the use of smart phones and the applications industry are developing, that’s why at 3D Wave we use innovative technologies to reach most areas (medical, hotel, …)