Bardo App

AR, Mobile app

An app to explore the museum in reality augmented. The app provide features to explore the original museum pieces and sculpture in 3D augmented reality. The app provide also for blid visiture the accessibility to explore all the feature too. ​

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, the Heritage Enhancement and Cultural Promotion Agency, in collaboration with the National Heritage Institute, launched the Augmented Reality application “Bardo Up Museum” on Wednesday, May 15, 2019. the occasion of the month of heritage in its 28th edition 18 April-18 May 2019 placed under the theme: “The valuation of the Heritage through the Creative Digital Industries”. It is a national strategy and an orientation towards these new technologies to enhance our culture and our heritage.
This application concerns 15 objects exhibited mainly in the large lobby, the Driba and the Carthage Room.

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